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Psevdas Forest Cottage - Psevdas Village, Larnaca.

Prices start from Cyp224,250 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms detached Villas.

Property Description

Situated in a quiet and peaceful valley never too far from the sea and one of the big cities making you part of the Cyprus traditional villages for permanent residence and for your holiday.

The project itself contains three one or two storey detached houses with three bedrooms. Each villa has an en-suite shower in the master bedroom while two separate bathrooms serve the rest of the house. The ground floor has huge sitting rooms, kitchen and dinning rooms, a big verandah with a view of the forest or the beautiful village, and covered garage. The outside of the villa is partially coated with stone from the surrounding area.

The property also enjoys mountain views and has a private swimming pool.

Key Features - Fireplace, landscaped garden, private swimming pool, fully air conditioned, granite worktops, double glazed windows, granite staricase, telephone line and antenna to each room, covered parking, kitchen appliances, solar water heater, storage room and cupboard and cabinet doors made of beech.


Travel inland almost anywhere in Cyprus and you will come across old villages with traditional architecture and traditions that have changed very little over the years. There is no better way to experience this kind of life with its folk customs, traditional cuisine and warm hospitality other than to settle in the rural or forest villages of the island.

Psevdas is a forest village that distinctly captures the Cypriot atmosphere, it has an invigorating and calming experience, thanks to the absence of urban distractions.

Different fragrances unique to the forests, walks down nature trails, visits to historical monasteries and archaeological sites will keep you busy or you could also choose to linger in the local taverna.

More and more local people are buying a second home, as they too want to experience this unique environment, serene rythms of the forest life.


Properties for sale in Larnaca Cyprus are available to suit a wide range of investment budgets.

If you are serious about buying property in Cprus or a luxurious villa in Psevdas Forest Cottage Larnaca, then contact us and we will help you through the whole process and have you realise your dream of owning your own holiday home abroad.

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